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The Siddha System of medicine is the oldest traditional treatment system generated from Dravidian culture. Siddha is a complete medical system founded by Lord Shiva and transfer the whole knowledge to the Traditional Siddha Physicians though 18 Siddhar.

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Departments in Siddha Medicine

Siddha General Medicine

Siddha General Medicine Department is a premier institute of Siddha medicine situated at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, established to provide research and treatment facility and help in securing global recognition for the Siddha system of medicine. The Institute of Siddha General Medicine is an autonomous project developed under the Department of CAS (Council for Applied Siddha) established with the prime aim to impart critical care and research in Siddha medicine. More>>

Siddha Tele Medicine Department

Siddha Tele Medicine Department is used to save lives in critical care and emergency situations. It helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to Siddha Medical services in all over the world. Under the eminant leadership of Sri Prem Nath, The Chairman of Council for Applied Siddha maintain a reliable 24 x 7 Tele Medicine Department. More>>

Siddha Emergency Medicine

Siddha Emergency medicine is a medical specialty in which Siddha Physicians care for patients with acute illnesses which require immediate medical attention. Under the eminant leadeship of Siddha Physician Sri Prem Nath, Council for Applied Siddha maintain round the clock support for critical care supports through Deva Vidya Centres and Tele Medicine Departments. More >>

Siddha Varmam Clinic

The vulnerable spots are the life giving spots of human body. According to the"Sidha Vaidyam", which is a Dravidian science of medicine, in human body there are 108 vulnerable spots called Varmam and 51 anti vulnerable spots called Adangal. More >>

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