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Siddha Telemedicine is most beneficial for populations living in isolated communities and remote regions and is currently being applied in virtually all medical domains. Get quick answers to your questions through an online Siddha medical consultation.
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Deva Vidya Siddha Centre

Pioneers in Siddha TeleMedicine

Deva Vidya - the pioneers in Siddha Tele medicine acts as a potential source to reduce health care expense, to improve health care service in remote areas, and to support modern home health care through Siddha System of Medicine. The real benifit of Siddha Tele Medicine is greater access to quality siddha healthcare professionals reducing lost work time due to travel or waiting.

Sri. Prem Nath, the Founder & Chief Consultant of 'Deva Vidya' is the Director of Siddha Tele Medicine Department and the Specialist in Traditional Siddha Emergency Medicine. Deva Vidya is a new concept developed by him to maintain and nurture youthful vigour and vibrant health in his patients which includes new approaches in blending Siddha Vaidyam with Kayakalpa drugs. Many times his knowledge and ancient wisdom has helped patients forsaken by modern medicine.

Council for Applied Siddha

Coming from an ancient lineage of traditional physicians, Prem Nath is well versed in Siddhavaidyam, Varmam (Marma) treatments, Kayakalpa Treatments and Siddha Emergency Medicine.

Prem Nath belongs to an ancient traditional Siddha physician family dating around 600 years back in Kerala, India. He started learning Siddha Science since childhood under the guidance of his grandfather. Since his tender ages, Prem Nath found himself spending a good amount of his time with his ancestors, making medicines and treating patients. Now Prem Nath is one of the youngest Siddha Vaidyam practitioners in Kerala. Prem Nath has devoted a good fortune of his time to marma treatments, Kayakalpa treatments and Pancha Prana Shuddhi techniques as well as provides consultation to patients in his clinic in Trivandrum, Kerala. He specializes in Kayakalpa Treatments.

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Benefits of Deva Vidya Tele Medicine Department

  • Makes right expertise available anywhere and reduce unnecessary patient transfers
  • Tele Medicine saves costs to patient, provider & system
  • Availability of the supports of Traditional Experts in Siddha System of Medicine.
    • Through a siddha telemedicine appointment, patients can often be seen by a specialist much sooner than if they had waited for a traditional office visit.
    • Patients can be diagnosed and treated earlier which can contribute to improved outcomes and less costly treatments.
    • Tele Consultation @ Deva Vidya Dhathu Detoxification : There are a number of ways in which the Siddha Detoxification can help the client to achieve full body detoxification.
    • Tele Consultation @ Siddha Post Pregnancy Clinic : Deva Vidya offers unique post pregnancy treatments which ensure good health during your post pregnancy period.

Siddha the “Sage of Tradition”, is a philosophy that covers every secrets behind body, health and life. Siddha also works on levels other than the physical, and this is where it differs most radically from Western medicine. It is part of a world – view that accepts the existence of unseen, both as part of a human being and as external energies that can affect us.

According to Siddha Vaidyam, five mahabhutas or “great elements” – air, fire, water, earth and ether (or space) – constitute the world with everything in it, including ourselves, and they affect us through three primary forces called doshas ( meaning “flaws” ) : vata, pitta and kapha. Each dosha owes its character to the elements associated with it.

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