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Siddha Wellness Therapist

The Siddhars wrote their knowledge in palm leaf manuscripts, fragments of which were found in different parts of South India. It is believed that some families may possess more fragments, but keep them solely for their own use. So Deva Vidya conduct Traditional Gurukula Siddha Training programs for students.

Deva Vidya Siddha Centre

Siddha Wellness Therapist Training

This 1 Year online course is a 120 Credit Points course, composed of ,basic core component combined with Siddha Medicine, Varmam Therapy with Therapeutic Siddha Yoga

Course Name

Siddha Wellness Therapist Program

(Core component 120 CP)

Duration: 6 Months

Fundamental Principles of Siddha Medicine.

Principle of Siddha Varmam .

Siddha Wellness Thrapy Training Moules.

Kayakalpa Therapy .

Therapeutic Siddha Yoga Training .

[After the successful completion of Siddha Wellness Therapist Program (SWT) Students can approach for practical workshops]

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Benefits of Traditional Siddha Studies

  • Today there are few Siddha Medical Colleges, run under the universities where Siddha medicine is taught.
  • But they are running the course with very average syllabus compare to the knowledge of traditional Siddha Physicians (Vaidyas).
  • In Siddha Vaidyam there are many toxic drugs and heavy metals are using for manufacture bhasmas and chindooras
  • Lake of proper purification will cause major draw-backs in health.
  • Traditional Siddha Physicians are doing effective purification process. But they hide it as traditional secret and transfer only to the next generation.
  • Deva Vidya conduct Traditional Gurukula Siddha Training programs for students.
  • Deva Vidya Chief Sri. Prem Nath belongs to an ancient traditional Siddha physician family dating around 600 years back in Kerala, India. Many times his knowledge and ancient wisdom has helped patients forsaken by modern medicine.